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iosaudio.wordpress.com is a new blog, opening today, December 1st. 2010

The main purpose of these posts is to present information and exchange ideas and opinions about ios audio & music Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Such a unique and creative environment hasn’t been presented to musicians in the history of music…It is kind of like inventing the piano, electric guitar, recording studio, and a record label all on the same day. Well, maybe not quite that revolutionary, but close. The ios devices are basically a combination of small, portable, simple yet sophisticated pieces of hardware combined with applications not even imagined a year ago. The iPhone and the iPad are already revolutionizing the production of music, as well as redefining what it means to be a musician.

Hopefully I can publish informative/entertaining posts that we can all use to help each other learn more about creating, editing, publishing, and manipulating music and audio.

Currently I am the sole author and photographer for this Blog. All photography is my work unless otherwise stated, or unless it is a screenshot. Any comments, input, or opinions  are welcome.

email: iosaudioblog@gmail.com



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