:: Midi : OSC : Support List ::

This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a comprehensive list of Apps for ios devices supporting Midi. Due to conflicting implementations, the list is divided between Synthstation25, Line6 Midi Mobilizer, and Apple’s Core Midi as implemented with the latest ios4.2 release. We will continue to update this page as needed. Please send info for additional Apps to iosaudioblog@gmail.com

NEW: December 14, 2010 Adding OSC and various other control standards to the list. The Midi title may have to be changed…It looks like controller may be the ultimate theme here, whether it is Midi, OSC, proprietary like Novation’s Automap, or just impossible to decipher like DiddyMidiDJ jr. Suggestions?

Akai SynthStation

NLog Synth Pro
Pianist Pro
Music Studio
Midi Live
Midi Memo Recorder
Midi Surface
Little Midi Machine

miniSynth PRO
NLog Synth Pro
Molten Drum Machine
AC-7 Core
Midi Touch
Midi Monitor
Luminair for iPad
Coming Soon! These Apps are currently in the process of implementing Core Midi support, it should be availble in an upcoming update:
Pianist Pro

HexOSC Full for iPad
HexOSC S for iPhone/iPod Touch
Touch OSC
Mrmr OSC Controller

DSMI (server application using the Nintendo DS Midi wi-fi protocol – some apps use this in different ways):
Midi Motion Machine
RemoteKB for iPad

And finally, a few Apps offering control surfaces that don’t really fit in…in some instances the spec’s are impossible to decipher, some instances simply a proprietary format:

AutoMap::Novation Midi Map Protocol:
Automap for iPhone/iPod touch

DiddyMidiDJ jr. : Unsure about this one, Mac OSX only, DJ surface controller for Traktor and similar DJ software


21 responses to “:: Midi : OSC : Support List ::

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  2. gregor

    Have you seen http://iosmidi.com/midi-app-roundup/
    It’s got a few listed that aren’t on the list above. The same site also has Midi Touch and Midi Monitor, both using the cck.

    • We have not seen that site, but checked it out immediately after reading your comment. Thanks for pointing it out. We have updated our list, and decided to cover Apps that support OSC as well, since it is a similar control protocol. Thanks for checking out the blog!

    • Another visitor pointed out the site to me earlier today, can’t believe I haven’t stumbled on it until today. Thanks – we are updating the lists right now, so should be updated within the next half hour.

  3. Nanostudio also works with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

  4. Thanks for this, it’s super useful. I am dying for the Korg apps to get MIDI support…

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for checking us out. Korg…do you think they will implement midi? They seem resistant to adding audio copy/paste, and I know they have some export options, I think that their apps are designed for fun, and to serve as a gateway drug to hardware, but that is just my opinion. I would love midi support, but I think I would like it outbound, so I can use the two kaoss pads in iMS-20 to control something else. I wish they had ACP though, I always record from the Korg on the iPad to my iPod touch through a cable, which is a hassle, but, the easiest way for me to work right now. Maybe if we get a petition together?

  5. Craig

    You may also want to add to your list apps that support DSMI, which is the DS MIDI WiFi protocol. I believe several apps support it.

    • Thanks for checking out our site! We were just thinking the same thing…we just added the OSC section and a couple of one-off protocols today. We are in the process of a comprehensive list of Apps supporting ACP, as well as working on moving the site to a dedicated domain name, so it is a busy week. Hopefully we can post some apps under DSMI in a day or two. Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

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  7. August

    ProChords generates midi as well..

  8. Well, iMS-20 now has core MIDI!

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  11. polyoptics

    Great list! Thanks so much for putting this together. A few suggestions:

    1) There is a huge difference between a sequencer app that supports only midi in (for keyboard control) or one that supports midi out that can let you sequence hardware etc. This should be noted for each app.

    2) Although its new, some apps are already supporting midi clock sync. This should also be noted, per app.

    3) Keep it up to date if you can! It’s a GREAT resource, I hope you can find the time to keep updating it. For instance Sample Lab supports midi in for keyboard control (doesn’t say CCK or Line6).

    Thanks again, this is a great project, and answers questions that are constantly being asked. GREAT JOB!

  12. polyoptics

    Oh yeah, as far as clock sync goes, there seems to always be issues with master / slave. So if possible, it would be nice to say if an app will follow midi clock (slave) or send it out (master). Big difference and definitely worth noting.

    Ok, midi rant over!

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