:: Audio Copy & Paste ::

Throughout this Blog I will use the acronym ACP: Audio Copy/Paste. I have seen at least one other writer use the term ACP, and it seems like a satisfactory implementation. I use this as a blanket term, covering all the differing methods…so ACP encompasses Intua Copy/Paste, Sonoma Wireworks Audio Copy/Paste, as well as Apple’s standard clipboard Copy/Paste for audio files.

Throughout this Blog, I will also use ACP when describing Apps that only support Copy or Paste, unless I (humbly?) believe they have a goofball implementation of the system, in which case I will call attention to it: LoopTastic? Studio.HD? What is up with your “audio trapping”? Why can we copy files in but not out? That drives me nuts. If a Synth App uses Audio Copy to copy files to a DAW, but doesn’t have any need for pasting audio into itself, I will describe it as ACP, because this sort of makes sense. But if your App can paste other sounds in and manipulate them, but not copy them back out, I feel stuck, trapped. Looptastic is a prime example of this.


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