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:: Our Master List of ACP Apps ::

We have been planning it, had numerous requests for it, and have finally posted it: Our Master List of Apps Supporting Audio Copy/Paste! Now, it is a work in progress, bare bones, and surely incomplete, but, it is every App we know of featuring some sort of ACP implementation. At a later date, we might make a note of which version, as the Sonoma implementation allows for multiple files to be stored in the clipboard. Also, we have removed our links to the previous outside sources, simply because they were not updated regularly, and in the case of one list, the information was incorrect and a little garbled. We are also thinking of starting a list of Apps which do not implement any form of ACP, but should. Maybe a petition drive of some kind would push Korg and Rebirth in the right direction. Our new Master List of ACP Apps can be found here:

Today we expanded our Midi Support List to include OSC support, and thanks to a reader suggestion, a new category for DSMI…I have been researching Apps with Midi support today, and came to a few conclusions..One, our list is missing a ton of Apps, which we are working on. Two, there are tons of Apps which feature some sort of Midi support which we haven’t gotten to yet. And third, there will be tons and tons of information to gather…For instance, some Apps use the DSMI – Nintendo DS Midi over wi-fi to send Midi messages, while it looks like some use DSMI to send OSC messages…Some support the Mackie protocol, while others do not. Hopefully we can keep filling those blanks in.


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:: iPod Library Access ::

I am trying to generate a list of Apps which allow iPod library access. This will probably have to join Audio Copy/Paste (or ACP) as a must have in music and audio apps. The ability to sample or practice and play along with your music library is finally here with the release of ios4. If anyone out there knows of more apps than the handful I have listed so far, please let me know. This will become a dedicated page for easy reference, so it will constantly be updated. Email app info to iosaudioblog@gmail.com : Thanks!

Multitrack DAW
Baby Decks DJ
Flare Scratch
Twisted Wave Editor
Sonorasaurus Rex
iShred Live
Glee Karaoke
Audio Forge
I know I am missing some…send me an email and let me know of any other Apps…thanks!


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:: New Vox Mobile App – Bummer! ::

Woke up to an email announcing the new Vox Mobile App…excited to try out a new guitar amp modeller, but it was nothing but a mobile catalog. Bummer. I was expecting a virtual tube-based amp App. I guess I have plenty of that stuff already around.

I have tried almost all of the amp and effects apps available, and I keep coming back to iShred Live. As far as I know, it is the only guitar effects app to support ACP, though this feature is only available on iPad and iPhone4 as far as I know. Decent sound, iPod library access, and the ability to record and export your audio. I splurged on Stompbox, but at $20 it is a bit pricey, and sounds a bit too harsh and digital to me…reminds me of my vintage digital effects rack from the 1980’s, not necessarily my favorite era for tone and effects. The Amplitude or Amplitube series of apps is just too confusing, at this point I would rather pay $40 for everything at once and have it a universal app. I do like the sounds though.

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:: ACP: Audio Copy/Paste Apps ::

Here are links to regularly updated lists of Audio Copy/Paste compatible apps. The first link is to the list of Sonoma compatible apps, while the second list is for those using Intua’s standard. Hopefully one day these lists willl be combined, or not necessary at all.



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:: File Management on ios ::

Today we posted a new page, a guide to file management on ios. It is the first in what we hope to be many how-to guides. The goal with these is to alert other ios musicians to technical solutions, workarounds to the limitations inherent in ios devices, as well as the occasional app review and user’s guide. We will keep these pages easy to find and available, and we will annotate and update as needed.

Ios File Management page can be found here:

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:: Multitrack DAW: Best in Class? ::

I have tried almost all of the available multitrack recorders available for ios, from Studiotrack to Studio.hd, and have arrived at the decision that Multitrack DAW is the best available App for multitrack recording and editing.

Early on I purchased StudioTrack, expensive and feature-poor at $39.95. No waveform editing, no visual cues, so you are recording and dropping in blind. StudioTrack just seems to have a bizarre workflow, and the developers never replied to any of our emails.

I also tried Studio.HD, which had more features, and tons of effects, but unless you are using nothing but Studio.HD and Looptastic, it is not a versatile App. For one thing, you can copy audo in, but not out, severely limiting what you can do with it.

By far my favorite, Multitrack DAW is affordable, $9.95 for 8 tracks plus bins, and you can upgrade to 16 tracks for another $7.99, or 24 tracks for an additional $15.99. It is stable, intuitive, easy to use, and while it lacks basic effects, it is by far the best out there. Input monitoring, stereo and mono tracks, panning, volume, bins, copy and paste, they are all featured. You can export through SoundCloud or email, or with ACP.

It is not perfect, I am not a fan of the strange multitouch controls, and wish it offered at least some reverb or compression, but you can always copy the audio to another app to add effects and paste it back in. But one purchase and it runs on my iPod Touch and at native resolution on the iPad.

The base price of $9.99 includes 8 tracks plus bins, which are like having multiple takes for each track, providing plenty of room for experimentation. You can record in stereo or mono, each track has level and pan controls.

Multitrack DAW is a bargain, and until it’s competition updates their apps, or something new comes along, it is the only choice for the practicing musician.

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:: Essential Gear for the ios Musician ::

What fun is life without gear? The ios musician is going to need a few basic pieces of kit, and I wanted to include a few pieces of gear I haven’t personally tested, but look forward to trying out soon. So, here is the basic list, though I reserve the right to add or edit…

1.A case and screen cover. That iPad or iPhone won’t do you any good if it is broken or all scratched up – learned this lesson the hard way with my two week old Android phone. Bought a cheap slide-in neoprene case, the lock switch kept catching. Just upgraded to the Apple iPad case, and really like it. Feels well-built, and can sorta double as a stand.

2.For iPad users only – for now, hopefully this will work with iPhone/iPod soon* – the Apple Camera Connection Kit. Use that USB dongle, and the world of Midi and USB audio awaits.

3.Inline Mic or headset/earbuds with Mic. I have a cheapo MonsterCable inline Mic that I like alright…the quality is OK, usually good enough, and has a jack so you can use whatever headphones you like. Some sort of outboard Mic is essential for quickly capturing sounds and ideas.

4.Great Headphones. Great Earbuds. Great Speakers. Great Amp. Enough Said.

5.Guitar Interface. Either homebrew from an old AV cable, or something like iRig. Super handy, iRig and other store bought dongles at least eliminate the crazy tangle of wires from the homebrew version, and are less noisy. I have only tried the iRig, and like it just fine.

6.A nice collection of cables and adapters, but you probably have this stuff laying around anyway.

7.A midi interface. To me, the Line6 looks like the way to go, the versatility being the key benefit. But, there is something to be said for the simplicity of the Synthstation25, even though the SynthStation App is clunky and miserable in actual use. I have a cheapo USB Midi Cable adapter thingy, I think I bought it at Radioshack a couple years ago. It works with a few Apps through the Camera Adapter on the iPad now that I am running ios4.2, I just wish it would work with more Apps. Also, a side note, ignore those “Device Not Supported” messages the first couple of times you see them. I had the same trouble with a USB keyboard for typing with, and after a couple times the messages go away and you are good to go. However, if the device draws too much Bus Power, the messages might actually be accurate. Sorry.

8.Toss up here. USB Mic like one of those Samson things, or one of the Snowball Mics – these are on sale this week at CompUSA for $45 or so, everything from Snowflake to Snowball reduced! – or possibly a USB sound card. I have yet to try these out, because I am cheap and lazy, and also I tend to go direct in. I usually just use a shitty headphone Mic, but I am not big on vocals….if I were, USB Mic or sound card with a fancy Mic.

9.Gig Bag & Stand/Rack – carry that gear in style, stay organized, and feel like a million bucks. Swagger is a necessary evil in a musician, so look like a Pro and feel like one. I bought a Louis Vitton shopping bag at a thrift store for $1, and use it for laundry. Filthy lucre = Rock Star! Also, great conversation starter for that hot A&R rep…and remember, all A&R reps are hot – at least make them feel like they are. Don’t be too easy though, we all want what we can’t have. If the A&R rep is gay, you are Bi. If they are single, you are separated. If they are married, they won’t be for long, so make them feel sexy. This also applies to lawyers, promoters, your boss, teachers, cops, and judges.


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ios Audio :: Hopefully Helpful :: a user’s guide

Hi, welcome to my new blog, iosaudio.wordpress.com. The goal of this blog is to function as a sort of How-To guide, welcome to all, newbies and pro’s. I have a few nifty tricks I want to show off, and invite others to help out and show off their tricks and tips. Please email me, Trey, at iosaudioblog@gmail.com with comments or anything else helpful…thanks!

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November 29, 2010 · 6:04 am