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:: File Management on ios ::

Today we posted a new page, a guide to file management on ios. It is the first in what we hope to be many how-to guides. The goal with these is to alert other ios musicians to technical solutions, workarounds to the limitations inherent in ios devices, as well as the occasional app review and user’s guide. We will keep these pages easy to find and available, and we will annotate and update as needed.

Ios File Management page can be found here:


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ios Audio :: Hopefully Helpful :: a user’s guide

Hi, welcome to my new blog, iosaudio.wordpress.com. The goal of this blog is to function as a sort of How-To guide, welcome to all, newbies and pro’s. I have a few nifty tricks I want to show off, and invite others to help out and show off their tricks and tips. Please email me, Trey, at iosaudioblog@gmail.com with comments or anything else helpful…thanks!

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November 29, 2010 · 6:04 am