:: Beatles: Alan W. Pollack’s Notes ::

Alan W. Pollack’s notes on the Beatles are insane. While not strictly ios related, every musician should take a look. Pollack meticulously examines every song in the Beatles catalog. THOROUGHLY. He takes notes on key changes, harmony, melody, technology, context, the subtle differences in drum figures over the course of 8 bars, and so much more. His notes are impossible to describe. Sometimes funny, sometimes self-deprecating, sometimes they are so technical that my three years of music theory at college level can’t keep up. It is almost like Rain Man writing about the Beatles. Pollack’s project of writing about every Beatles song (he even contrasts official releases with outtakes and bootlegs!) was years in the making, and he has made his writing free to all. Here is a link:


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  1. i am dealing with the Beatles’ music my whole life and i must confirm every word that Pollack writes about this topic. During the sixties teachers told us to avoid this music because it was supposedly harmful ! Later i studied musicology in cologne. Alan Pollack has very high developped analytic skills combined with the rare gift to concentrate the results in few sentences, while many others talk very much and say nothing. ( emeraldo )

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