:: Ampkit Update Review ::

The Ampkit effects and amp modelling app for guitar has finally grown up. The new update allows for Audio Copy/Paste, a must-have for audio apps. Ampkit joins iShred Live as the only amp and effects modelleers with ACP and iPod Library Access. Combined with it’s re-amping capabilities, which means you can record a guitar track, save the dry input, and test out different effects with the recorded audio, Ampkit might win the crown as best guitar app.

Ampkit is available in free and paid versions, both of which allow for ACP and re-amping. They both offer numerous in-app purchases for new effects, amps and cabinets, although the paid version has a number of these already. I have only tried out the stock free version, so have not tried out the various effects. It sounds decent enough, perhaps a little noisy, but doesn’t have the overly digital feel of Stompbox, Ampkit has Stompbox beat for decent tone. While Ampkit offers more effects and amp combinations than iShred Live, it is noisier than the iShred app. Maybe this is due to the interface; I used the iRig guitar interface, though I imagine Ampkit supports them all. Possibly the App works better with the Ampkit Interface. I would like to see the ability to apply effects to tracks from the library, but haven’t dived in deep enough to see if that is possible. It is stable, offers lots of room for expansion, and runs native on iPad and iPhone. And as a free App with ACP plus iPod library support, it is a bit of a no-brainer to download and give it a shot.


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