:: Samplelab for Ipad Update ::

Samplelab for iPad gets an update today, looks like it is mostle new export options, such as wav export and soundcloud. I haven’t tried this App out yet, any reader reviews?

UPDATE: So far comments focus on the robotic timing of the sequencer, something I have noticed on a number of music Apps. Hopefully updates might address the timing issues.


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One response to “:: Samplelab for Ipad Update ::

  1. Ray

    I bought this and was disappointed.
    NanoStudio Might not time stretch but it stays Number 1, i hope ipad resolution will be released soon.
    I find the timing in SampleLab really odd, it just feels robotic and off.
    I tried playing with the swing but that didn’t seem to help.
    Looks like this app needs a lot of work.

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