:: Are you in control? ::

There are a bunch of Apps available that can turn your ios device into a control surface…Midi, OSC, even a new App to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for use with Photoshop. At the same time, there are a number of hardware options appearing to control your ios device, such as wireless keyboards for writing, the wireless trackpad, as well as cabling options like the Line6 Midi adapter.

If you are like me, you probably want control options both ways…I wqnt to use the touchscreen of the iPad to control multiple faders in Logic. But I also want a midi keyboard to play around with Apps like Nlog Pro.

This brings up a couple of questions I had. First, are there any Apps that will let me control a synth app on my iPod Touch from my iPad, or the other way around? I haven’t had the time to explore this, if anyone has, please let me know, thanks.

The other question is, is there any way to use the new wireless midi keyboard from Rock Band with ios devices? Has anyone tried it, or hacked some way to make it work? Or is is simply impossible? I know that the Wii version includes a small USB dongle, so I was hoping this was a possibility. If anyone out there knows, please let us know.



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  1. Scott

    Just wanted to compliment you on your site. Lots of interesting content and well written to boot. I’ll be tuning in regularly.


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