:: New Vox Mobile App – Bummer! ::

Woke up to an email announcing the new Vox Mobile App…excited to try out a new guitar amp modeller, but it was nothing but a mobile catalog. Bummer. I was expecting a virtual tube-based amp App. I guess I have plenty of that stuff already around.

I have tried almost all of the amp and effects apps available, and I keep coming back to iShred Live. As far as I know, it is the only guitar effects app to support ACP, though this feature is only available on iPad and iPhone4 as far as I know. Decent sound, iPod library access, and the ability to record and export your audio. I splurged on Stompbox, but at $20 it is a bit pricey, and sounds a bit too harsh and digital to me…reminds me of my vintage digital effects rack from the 1980’s, not necessarily my favorite era for tone and effects. The Amplitude or Amplitube series of apps is just too confusing, at this point I would rather pay $40 for everything at once and have it a universal app. I do like the sounds though.


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