:: iPod Library Access ::

I am trying to generate a list of Apps which allow iPod library access. This will probably have to join Audio Copy/Paste (or ACP) as a must have in music and audio apps. The ability to sample or practice and play along with your music library is finally here with the release of ios4. If anyone out there knows of more apps than the handful I have listed so far, please let me know. This will become a dedicated page for easy reference, so it will constantly be updated. Email app info to iosaudioblog@gmail.com : Thanks!

Multitrack DAW
Baby Decks DJ
Flare Scratch
Twisted Wave Editor
Sonorasaurus Rex
iShred Live
Glee Karaoke
Audio Forge
I know I am missing some…send me an email and let me know of any other Apps…thanks!



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2 responses to “:: iPod Library Access ::

  1. Craig

    iPod Library access is pretty basic stuff, with source code available for developers to easily implement. Many DJ apps have it, like Quixpin and Touch DJ, as default options. Some others actually ask you to pay extra in order to use your own music, which is stupid.

    • That is kind of lame. The code for implementing clipboard support should be easy to find and use, but in the grand scheme of things, is only available on a small percentage of Apps.

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