:: Multitrack DAW: Best in Class? ::

I have tried almost all of the available multitrack recorders available for ios, from Studiotrack to Studio.hd, and have arrived at the decision that Multitrack DAW is the best available App for multitrack recording and editing.

Early on I purchased StudioTrack, expensive and feature-poor at $39.95. No waveform editing, no visual cues, so you are recording and dropping in blind. StudioTrack just seems to have a bizarre workflow, and the developers never replied to any of our emails.

I also tried Studio.HD, which had more features, and tons of effects, but unless you are using nothing but Studio.HD and Looptastic, it is not a versatile App. For one thing, you can copy audo in, but not out, severely limiting what you can do with it.

By far my favorite, Multitrack DAW is affordable, $9.95 for 8 tracks plus bins, and you can upgrade to 16 tracks for another $7.99, or 24 tracks for an additional $15.99. It is stable, intuitive, easy to use, and while it lacks basic effects, it is by far the best out there. Input monitoring, stereo and mono tracks, panning, volume, bins, copy and paste, they are all featured. You can export through SoundCloud or email, or with ACP.

It is not perfect, I am not a fan of the strange multitouch controls, and wish it offered at least some reverb or compression, but you can always copy the audio to another app to add effects and paste it back in. But one purchase and it runs on my iPod Touch and at native resolution on the iPad.

The base price of $9.99 includes 8 tracks plus bins, which are like having multiple takes for each track, providing plenty of room for experimentation. You can record in stereo or mono, each track has level and pan controls.

Multitrack DAW is a bargain, and until it’s competition updates their apps, or something new comes along, it is the only choice for the practicing musician.


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